Security & Defense

Simultaneous detection of explosives, toxic chemicals, and contraband.



Paving the road to immediate diagnosis of various diseases, reducing hospital stays and saving lives.



Fast response time and high sensitivity means reduced costs and critical disruptions.


Food & Beverage

Inexpensive, rapid, and consistently accurate in-situ quality control.


1st Detect’s heritage begins in 2007, when the original team entered into a Space Act Agreement with NASA to develop an air quality monitoring instrument for the International Space Station.

The company was officially incorporated the following year by Astrotech, in order to commercialize the innovative, miniature mass spectrometer technology developed for NASA.

Since then, 1st Detect’s team has revolutionized the mass spectrometer industry with our product’s small and functional size, customizable and easy-to-use interface, all with laboratory-quality performance.

Engineered in state-of-the-art research and production facilities, our instruments are rugged, transportable, and designed for use in the security, healthcare and industrial markets.


Capable of detecting a wide range of threats with minimal false positives and rapid analysis time, returning to an immediate ready state between each analysis.


Reduces the vulnerability of public spaces and manufacturing plants to explosives, harmful chemical agents, and other large-scale threats.


Able to diagnose a variety of diseases through immediate breath analysis of volatile compounds, with laboratory-quality performance and portability.


Improves quality control and reduces costs for food and beverage manufacturers who must continually measure their products for quality, consistency, and safety.

Our scientists and engineers are working every day to make our world a safer place.