1ST Detect’s OEM CIT 1000TM is a fully functional ion trap mass spectrometer component that gives users the power of mass spectrometry in a small, easily customizable platform which can be integrated into customer specific packaging and equipment.

The complete system is easily integrated and includes the core analyzer, control electronics, and vacuum system.

  • Can be tuned to provide broadband analysis over a wide range of masses, or can be optimized for a specific detection range.
  • Configurable to fit an array of platforms including benchtop platforms, rack-mount systems, or ruggedized field portable packages.
  • For GC application, vacuum system is compatible with air, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium carrier.
  • Can be offered with increased capacity vacuum systems to accommodate high flow inlets and systems (e.g., fast GC) up to 1.5 ml/min.
  • Operable with a range of background gases for specific applications (e.g., hydrogen carriers for gas chromatography).
  • For applications that do not require external pumping (e.g., semi-conductor process control), we can provide the advanced chemical detection capabilities without the integrated vacuum pumping system.
  • Mass spectrometric quality analysis can be added to existing instruments.
  • Lower cost alternative to analyzing samples using external instrumentation.
  • Versatile inlet configurations allow customized coupling to customer specific systems.
  • Mass spectrometer control software can be integrated with customer software presenting a unified customer interface.
  • Air can be used as carrier gas, no cylinders or external supply required.
  • Data analysis software package is easily configured to customer requirements.
  • Mass Range: 45–400 amu (standard)
    Custom ranges available 15–500 amu.
  • Resolution: Unit Mass
  • Scans/Sec: 1 spectra/sec (typical), 30 spectra/sec (maximum). Faster scan rates require special settings.
  • Sensitivity: Membrane Inlet 500 ppb, Preconcentrator 500 ppt using 30 sec sampling time. Measured at m/z = 91 amu xylene*.
  • Weight: 15 lbs (7 kg)
    Varies based on configuration.
  • Size: 7.5″ x 13″ x 7.5″ (19 cm x 33 cm x 19 cm)
    Varies based on configuration.
  • MS/MS Capable: No collisional gas or buffer gas required.
  • Input: 24 VDC
  • Power: Varies based on configuration.
  • Ionization Mode: Electron Ionization

*Not for all possible analytes

  • High fidelity detector for gas chromatography equipment.
  • Integration with multi-dimensional analysis systems.
  • High performance analyzer for customer specific packaging and user experience.
  • Ability to add mass spectrometric analysis to industrial processing instrumentation.