1ST Detect’s TRACER 1000 MS-ETDTM is an Explosives Trace Detection solution representing a linear ion trap mass spectrometer with a swab-based thermal desorption sample inlet system. The system is designed to be capable of detecting a wide range of compounds which are semi-volatile and/or nonvolatile–including explosives, drugs of abuse, and chemical warfare agents.

The 1ST Detect ETD instrument will use standard swab technology to collect trace samples from surfaces, maintaining the present concept of operations for passenger screening. With its reduced false positive rate, the TRACER 1000 MS-ETD will enhance security while increasing passenger throughput.


The TRACER 1000 MS-ETDTM is currently in development.

  • High-peformance Linear Ion Trap (LIT) mass spectrometer
  • Swab-based thermal desorption sample inlet system
  • MS/MS capabilities allow verification of any positive results
  • Automatic tuning and calibration
  • Visual alarm displayed upon identification of any target compound
  • Includes user-friendly software that collects, displays and exports the results in a variety of formats
  • Laboratory-quality performance
  • Capable of detecting wide range of threats
  • Minimal false positives
  • Rapid analysis time
  • Low cost
  • Mass Range: 45–520 amu
  • Resolution: ≤ 0.6 amu FWHM @131 amu, ≤ 0.85 amu FWHM @ 502 amu, measured over an average of 50 scans
  • Ion Polarity: Capable of analyzing ions of both polarities.
  • Analysis Time: <30s
  • Dynamic Range of Sensitivity: ≥ 3 orders of magnitude
  • Weight: ≤44 lbs.
  • Size: ≤ 22″ wide x 22″ long x 24″ high
  • MS/MS Capable
  • Power: 350W (typical)
  • Chemical Ionization
  • Airport security