Today’s Defense departments and militaries face threats ranging from chemical weapon attacks to an increase in the availability of explosive materials. These ongoing threats, coupled with the evolution of terroristic techniques and practices, create a critical need for reliable, portable, and sensitive systems that can detect explosives, chemical warfare agents, illegal drugs, toxic industrial chemicals and explosives. 1ST Detect’s miniature chemical detector fills this need without compromise on cost or performance.

Whether for cargo and passenger screening at airports, drug detection at border inspections, or armed forces on the battlefield, new threats can be learned as they emerge – with no changes to the hardware, and reduced probability of false alarms.

1ST Detect technology enables explosives, toxic chemicals, and contraband to be detected simultaneously – significantly reducing the logistical load on the joint forces, and potentially saving countless lives. The small size also means that samples can be analyzed in real time and on-site, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive laboratory analysis.

The portability and simplicity of the design allows for deployment by law enforcement, emergency responders, security screeners, and HAZMAT teams with minimal training and high reliability. Operator intervention and decision-making requirements are minimized due to the high precision analysis and MS/MS capability.


  • Detection and identification of chemical agents
  • Post blast attribution and forensics
  • Portal and access point security
  • Aviation checkpoint and baggage screening
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Border screening and facility access security
  • Fuel and product marking