1ST Detect’s TRACER 1000TM is a mass spectrometer-based trace detector with a swab-based thermal desorption sample inlet system. The system is capable of detecting a wide range of explosive threats and common illegal narcotics, and can be customized for your facility or agency’s unique needs.

With a near-zero false positive rate and rapid analysis time, this next-generation detector includes many of the most advanced features found in expensive laboratory mass spectrometers – at a fraction of the cost and size. The TRACER 1000 maintains the screening CONOPS of currently-deployed ETDs, using standard swab technology to collect trace samples from surfaces.

Detectable threats include peroxides, HMEs, stimulants and fentanyl – critical for increasing border and checkpoint security, improving civilian safety, and optimizing cargo and passenger throughput.

Currently accepting pre-orders.

  • High-peformance Linear Ion Trap (LIT) mass spectrometer
  • Swab-based thermal desorption sample inlet system
  • MS/MS capabilities allow verification of any positive results
  • Visual alarm displayed upon identification of target compounds
  • Automatic tuning and calibration
  • Instantly updatable and expandable target library (no hardware changes required)
  • User-friendly TraceAlert™ software collects, displays and exports the results in a variety of formats
  • Laboratory-quality performance
  • Capable of detecting a wide range of threats
  • Near-zero false positive rate
  • Rapid analysis time
  • Intuitive UX/UI
  • Transportable
  • Non-radioactive
  • Low-cost
  • Sensitivity: pg – µg, depending on threat
  • Sample Throughput: 120 per hour
  • Startup Time: 17 minutes from cold start
  • Cleardown Time After Alarm: < 2 minutes
  • Response Time: ~ 10 seconds, library dependent
  • Dynamic Range: > 3 orders of magnitude
  • Weight: 54 lbs (24 kg)
  • Dimensions: 18” W x 14.5” L x 21” H (45 cm x 36 cm x 53 cm)
  • Power: 110 VAC / 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Ionization: Non-radioactive, Chemical Ionization
  • Ion Polarity: Positive & Negative
  • Storage Capacity: 65,000 samples
  • Aviation Checkpoint Security
  • Air Cargo
  • Border Security
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • First Responders