Continuous perimeter monitoring systems are often deployed around manufacturing plants that could potentially discharge harmful chemical substances into the air. 1ST Detect technology’s fast response time and high sensitivity make it a critical tool for facility monitoring.

Encased in a National Electrical Code Class 1 Division 2 (NEC C1/D2) container to protect it from an environment that has explosive gases, liquids, or dust, our MMS 2000 instrument can be deployed into environments where background and ambient contamination may cause critical disruptions and costly problems.

The device continuously monitors the ambient environment for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and alarms when background levels exceed predetermined excursions. Its simple user interface can be programmed to monitor specific target compounds, or to monitor total VOCs over preset ranges.


  • Detection of spills and fugitive releases
  • Filter breakthrough events
  • Breaches in process plants and gas lines
  • Detection of toxic release agents and chemical threats