Food and beverage manufacturers continually analyze and test their products for quality, consistency, and safety. Existing testing techniques rely on both taking periodic samples to a laboratory and employing human taste testers. Laboratory analysis takes hours to complete and high throughput factories will have thousands of products bagged, boxed, and loaded onto trucks by the time a mishap is detected. Human taste testers are expensive and inconsistent.

The MMS 2000 can replace both of these antiquated quality control protocols with an inexpensive, rapid, and consistently accurate in‐situ processing instrument with laboratory quality performance.

Its simple user interface allows users to define a target list of chemicals that will be monitored in real-time. The process will then be displayed in real-time either on an integrated touch panel PC or across installed DCS systems via Ethernet. Alarms and limits can also be set to either alarm when processes exceed predetermined limits, or to alarm to the presence of target chemicals.


  • Monitoring of food and beverage products and comparing to known good samples