For highly sensitive applications, the sensitivity of our products can be enhanced with the optional preconcentrator. The preconcentrator uses a direct sorbent/heating system to provide gains in concentration up to 105 over the membrane inlet, but still providing the fast analysis time (< 30 seconds) you expect from the MMS 1000. A choice of sorbent materials is available for increased selectivity for targeted applications or broadband adsorption capability for analysis and general applications.

  • Sensitivity gain: 103 – 105
  • Programmable desorption temperature: 30° – 350°
  • Desorption time: 10 seconds (programmable)
  • Total analysis time: 30 seconds (default)
  • Sample flow rate: up to 1 L/min
  • Average Power Consumption: < 20W
  • Integrated cleaning procedure for trouble free operation and low carryover
  • Limited chemical separation capability with ramped desorption
  • Carbopak X
  • Carboxen 1010
  • Carboxen 1016v
  • Carboxen 569
  • Carboxen 564
  • Carboxen 1000

Contact us for other sorbent materials or to discuss your custom requirements.